Synerphase™ Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of providing production support offsite?
Synerphase provides support remotely, eliminating the need for travel costs or inconveniences such as consultants who arrive late on Mondays and leave early on Thursdays or Fridays. In addition, onsite consultant expect to work 40 hours every week or they are off to the next project, and then you end up having to locate and orient new consultants instead of moving your project to closure. With our retained hours feature, you can allocate consulting hours when you can best use them.

Does Synerphase’s managed service perform 100% remotely? What if a consultant is required onsite?
Synerphase provides primarily remote support; however, at any point that it is determined that an onsite resource is required, provisions will be made to supply the appropriate assistance. Any associated costs will be agreed upon prior to moving forward.

How can Synerphase assist during a heavy work period?
When additional staff is required for short term engagement during an upgrade or another period, Synerphase advises not to disrupt another area during this time and have them fall behind. Instead, we will provide the support staff during the required time so your departments continue running smoothly.

Will Synerphase replace my employees?
Synerphase’s support services are designed to supplement your existing production support staff as needed or ongoing, depending on your particular need. We also have the capability to provide complete production support during short transitions or for longer periods as your business situation dictates.

How does Retained Hours work?
When you select a Synerphase support plan, you will be allocated a number of hours per month. Within a given month, if you don’t use all of the hours allocated to you by your plan, those hours can be reallocated for use in future months up to one year later. Synerphase’s Primary Support Consultant (PSC) will work with you to ensure that hours in low months are saved and reallocated for months will predictably heavy workloads.

Retained Hours work like the normal hours in your plan. If your plan doesn’t include weekend or holiday rates, rack rate hours will be used and not Retained Hours. Retained hours expire on the 1st of the month of the month that they were originally allocated for in the previous year.

Is there a short term package to support my team during an upgrade or after production?
Synerphase provides a “Booster” program especially created for customer with short term support needs as well as basic support packages on a month to month basis after an initial three-month commitment.

Do you allow the creation of custom plans?
Synerphase offers customized plans to meet your needs and they can be modified as your business need increases or decreases.


Do you provide remote DBA services?
Synerphase provides Database Administration specifically for the Oracle E-Business Applications.

Will Synerphase perform system upgrades?
Synerphase supports upgrades based on the complexity of the configuration and the nature of the upgrade request. During the due diligence period, we will be able to better assess the extent of upgrade activities that we can support remotely or through our project management services.

Will Synerphase perform implementations?
We provide implementation services for system upgrades, add-on products, and special services such as annual events. However, from our experience, most large implementations are best supported with on-site team over a period of time due to the “hands on” nature of the work. We have a network of authorized partners for full scale implementation work to assist you in this endeavor. In addition, Synerphase offers project management oversight or project review services during an implementation or upgrade.

How many business groups are supported are Synerphase packages?
Synerphase provides remote production support services for an unlimited number of business groups. Each business group will require a separate due diligence period annually to analyze the configuration/setup differences and different country requirements. We have created a process to best manage support for the different business groups. All hourly charges can be deducted for a single Analyst On Demandâ„  managed service plan for support across business groups.

Are there separate pricing options to manage international business groups or locations?
We provide global services and will tailor our program to meet your business situation.

How many Oracle E-business suite legislations are supported by Synerphase?
Synerphase supports all standard legislations provided by Oracle. If you have special requirements, we will work with you on how to best address them.

Which Oracle products are supported?
Synerphase currently supports Oracle E-Business Human Capital Management and Financial Management products. We are reviewing support for PeopleSoft and JD Edwards products.

Oracle Human Capital Management supported modules includes:

  • Core Human Resources
  • Oracle Advanced Benefits (OAB)
  • Oracle Payroll
  • Employee & Manager Self Service
  • iRecruitment
  • Learning Management
  • Performance Management
  • Workflows
  • Approval Management (AME)


Oracle Financial Management supported modules includes:

  • General Ledger
  • Payables
  • Receivables
  • Purchasing/iProcurement
  • iExpenses
  • Cash Management
  • Inventory
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Project Accounting
  • System Administration


Are there plans to support a wide range of HR, Benefits and Payroll products or vendors.
Synerphase’s core support offering is for the Oracle E-Business suite of products. We are in the process of reviewing other HRMS solutions. If you have a solution you would like us to consider, please let us know and we will work with you on this effort.

Does Synerphase support interfaces to third party vendors?
Synerphase provide support for most 3rd party vendors that send or receive interfaces to/from Oracle for both Oracle Human Capital Management and Financial Management solutions.

We support the key integrations with:

  • Ceridan
  • ADP
  • Taleo
  • TALX
  • All of the leading Healthcare & Life Insurance companies.

Contact us to further discuss the vendor interfaces are supported.


Does Synerphase provide training?
Synerphase offers both remote and onsite training. Our offering ranges from needs assessment through working with your team to determine the level and type of training necessary and how best to execute. The end result is a custom program for individuals or groups of employees using tools and mediums for optimal learning.


What are the hours of operation for Synerphase support?
Synerphase’s normal business hours are 8AM – 8PM ET. However, customers with our Platinum packages receive 24x7 support. If you have a lower level plan and would like 24x7 support, we can accommodate this at an additional cost.

What is involved during the On-Boarding period?
During the On-Boarding period, the customer works with the assigned Synerphase Primary Support Consultant (PSC), to determine/forecast the types of activities required and expected through the year. The PSC also uses this time to learn the customer’s system configuration, external vendors and interfaces and business practices.

Will we have a work plan?
Synerphase’s assigned contact will provide a work plan during your On-Boarding and every year. It will be updated on a regular basis as your strategy or needs change throughout the year. This work plan contains of the strategic and tactical annual goals.

How do we log an issue or work request?
Customers are encouraged log all issues or work request utilizing our web-based system. Customers can easily review the status of their issues online. To log an issue or work request, go to http://support.synerphase.com.

How soon after the entry of an issue will we be contacted?
Synerphase has Service Level Agreements (SLA) with our customers which outlines the response time which can range from 2 hours to 8 hours, depending on your plan level. Accelerated “first contact” times may be purchased with any Analyst On Demandâ„  solution.

Are the consultants that support my company offshore?
Each consultant will be qualified to provide support to the specific technology assigned whether there are onshore or offshore. We prefer to use blended teams to maximize efficiencies and levels of service.

What if my contact is on vacation or sick and I have an issue?
Synerphase ensures that you will have adequate backups who are trained on your system configuration, ongoing work request and issues and upcoming strategies.

Do you provide support for the Public Sector?
Synerphase support most industries, including Public Sector, to meet your business needs.